Alberta Sand and Gravel Association and Calgary Aggregate Producers Group Advocacy  

Location Rocky View County, AB
Type Advocacy and Advisory Services
Client Alberta Sand and Gravel Association and Calgary Aggregate Producers

Collaborating with provincial organizations on a cohesive strategy to enact policy change that ensures a healthy future for the aggregate industry and our communities.

In 2014, Rocky View County (RVC) developed an Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP) in response to their Municipal Development Plan which seeks to support the extraction of natural resources in a manner that balances the needs of residents, industry, and society. 

The ARP establishes a strategy and list of technical requirements to minimize the potential impacts of aggregate development on nearby residents, land users, and the environment. During the development and refinement of the ARP, RVC implemented an engagement program to retain feedback from residents, landowners, and aggregate operators to help inform the Plan. As part of this, B&A led the planning and implementation of a proactive communication and public outreach program on behalf of the Calgary Aggregate Producers Group and in collaboration with the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA).  

This project was prompted by public opposition to the ARP and the industry’s desire to: balance public discourse, share their position that the ARP should focus exclusively on application submission requirements and performance standards, and to influence decision-makers. B&A’s leadership on this project included:  

  • Development of fact sheets about aggregate in Alberta under the ASGA brand, and the ASGA’s position on the ARP. These materials were distributed to key stakeholders and posted on the ASGA website.  
  • Meetings with key stakeholders, including provincial ministers, to share fact sheets and discuss the industry’s position on the RVC ARP.  
  • Presentation to RVC council.  
  • Submission of news releases to local media outlets to provide the industry’s perspective on the ARP.  
  • The design and launch of a series of local newspaper ads that outlined facts about sand and gravel and the significance of aggregate in Alberta.  

 In part due to coordinated communication and advocacy, the ARP’s initial terms of reference were repealed in January 2019 and RVC is developing a policy focused exclusively on application submission requirements and performance Standards. 

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