Coquitlam Centre

Location Coquitlam, BC
Type Master Planning + Transit-Oriented Development
Client Morguard Investments

The Coquitlam Centre is in the heart of the community in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Currently a traditional large format shopping centre, B&A is helping develop an exciting, mixed-use, transit-oriented urban development.

With the shifting dynamics of traditional anchor retailers, new opportunities have emerged to reimagine the possibilities of these enclosed large format centres. Owned by Canadian institutional investors and managed by Morguard Investments Limited, the already successful Coquitlam Centre has embarked on an exciting journey to redevelop as Coquitlam’s urban core.

B&A is leading the master planning, public engagement, and communications and marketing for the 61-acre site. While leveraging Metro Vancouver’s latest investment in rapid transit, B&A is also leading a team of planning, design, and technical experts to bring Morguard’s vision of sustainability, inclusivity, and wellness to life. The team is collaboratively developing an Official Community Plan amendment and a phased rezoning process with the City of Coquitlam to bring the project to fruition.

The master planning process entails extensive policy review and alignment; a reimagining of the road, pedestrian, bicycle and transit network, the creation of significant public and open space connecting into Coquitlam’s rich green network; the creation of high-density mixed-use development opportunities reflecting a new downtown standard with significant attention to design with opportunities for retail, commercial, and housing. The public engagement process is a multi-faceted, intensive approach that seeks to build relationships and gain trust with the community. B&A’s engagement experts are implementing a storefront, mail drops, advertising, media relations, open houses, one-on-one meeting, and workshops to ensure our visioning, principles, and planning is robust and well-informed by the community. Approval of the master plan and official community plan amendment is expected in 2023.

Images courtesy of Designcorp Ltd.