Skillsets and insights that enhance your projects.

Our core services are supported by specialist services that bolster our core offerings with a range of tools and tactics to enhance our projects. From mapping and compelling graphics to environmental policy analysis, our teams’ broad perspectives help produce better outcomes for our clients and communities.


Emphasizing conservation of the natural environment while balancing project needs.

We understand that environmental planning is an important aspect of modern design. We work with clients and developers to incorporate natural features into built form in ways that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and municipal guidelines.

Our experience stems from our involvement in Provincial and Municipal policy development, and policy application on a wide variety of projects in urban, rural, and industrial contexts. We understand that a balance between the conservation of natural resources and project needs is required to reach a solution that benefits all. Planning for environmental, social, and economic sustainability is an integral part of preparing a modern and progressive plan. We act as guides through the complicated process of assessment, mitigation, and approval, and develop plans to incorporate natural features into built form.


Our team uses a multi-pronged approach to identify environmental constraints within a project area. Together with our clients, we develop strategies to address concerns while meeting project goals.

We are experienced in balancing multiple levels of environmental policy. We work with clients to develop and implement policy that provides a framework for natural area integration and long-term sustainability within an urban context.

An understanding of relevant policy is key in developing a holistic project design and planning framework. At the beginning of a project, our team will outline the relevant policy and regulation that will inform our planning and design work.

Wetland and water policy is complex, poses significant impacts to projects, and changes by municipal and provincial jurisdiction. We are experts in working together with our clients and regulators to successfully gain approvals.

We work together with other technical partners, including biologists, geologists, hydrologists, archaeologists, and engineers, to coordinate preparation and approval of technical documents in support of project work.

Our team combines the use of analytical GIS tools and a detailed understanding of legislation and policy to determine which lands should be designated as Environmental Reserve (ER). We work with our clients and municipalities to outline required setbacks to meet policy goals and intent.


Understanding and unlocking growth potential for our communities and clients.

Our team offers comprehensive support by analyzing demographic trends, market competitiveness, and policy impacts on our clients and communities. Our experts provide a wide range of services, including urban land needs assessments, economic development strategies, development feasibility studies, and amenity contribution evaluations, to help clients and communities make informed decisions and reach their growth targets.


We help our clients to understand the dynamics of population, housing, and employment change. Our experience with growth forecast scenario development incorporates a range of inputs to identify challenges and opportunities, and how best to craft effective policies and strategies to proactively adapt.

We dig into the data to identify the trends and understand the stories that go beyond the what and where to illuminate the why, who and how. Merging broad quantitative and qualitative analysis, we are able to develop insights that inform proactive and equitable policy and investment decisions.

The nature of where and how we work continues to change with local and global events, shifting needs for land and built space amongst different types of economic activities. Our team tracks these changes and their implications over time, helping clients and communities to understand the future need for employment land and associated policy, while also developing proven strategies for success.

As new technologies emerge, communities are seeking to compete for growth and attract investment in an increasingly interconnected world. We help clients to understand their competitive advantages through detailed reviews of market data and stakeholder engagement, better positioning each according to their strengths and objectives.

With more and more growth occurring through redevelopment and the intensification of existing neighbourhoods, the previous approaches to delivering community amenities often fall short. At the same time, some land value capture tools may discourage or make certain forms of development unviable. We help clients to develop proactive land value capture tools and strategies whilst also understanding their impacts, calibrating policies that balance market realities with community need.

Our team specializes in understanding the opportunities and constraints based on the unique context of each potential development site. We consider market trends and comps, land use regulations, locational factors, site characteristics, among various other factors, all to inform financial modelling that assesses the viability of proposed development options.

We are specialists in assisting clients with the development of effective land use policies and requirements. We utilize pro-forma scenario models, coupled with large scale macro-financial models to assess the potential impacts of various policy options, helping clients to maximize value whilst also understanding potential pinch points and consequences when crafting legislation and by-laws.


Creating compelling narratives and effective strategies to ensure successful outcomes.

A successful project is founded on its ability to bridge audiences through effective communication and compelling storytelling. Our team of specialists work with clients to craft brands and narratives that enhance corporate reputations and generate audience engagement.

We integrate into project teams of various industries and areas of expertise to help achieve unique project visions. We believe that consistency and authenticity are key to achieving a meaningful and high-impact brand.


We lead diverse project teams through planning, design and engagement processes while providing the expertise necessary to implement strategic approaches.

We employ strategic communications tools and techniques to help broaden project understanding, respond to inquiries and help project teams and industries reach desired outcomes while addressing policy.

Our team guides clients through media response processes while also promoting projects through targeted news coverage to enhance public understanding and generate excitement.

We develop strategic plans to promote project and company brands, objectives and goals. We use a range of tools and tactics from social media to grassroots campaigns to media relations.

Whether we’re updating dated brands or creating new ones, our graphic design team is well-versed at developing visionary and compelling brands that suit the culture and objectives of a company or project.

Our graphics design team works closely with clients to design various project documents, from application materials to information mailings, that illustrate project objectives and generate interest.

An online presence is often a key aspect of development projects. Our graphics team has created countless websites that deliver compelling visuals in logical formats.

A corporate brand or project process can be enhanced by a dynamic social media presence. Our team is skilled at developing strategies, content and visuals to support unique social media campaigns.

Virtual or in-person experience centres enhance engagement processes and project identities. From concept development to site facilitation, we design experience centres for a range of industry sectors.


Simplifying complex information through engaging visuals and data.

We create stunning 3D imagery and comprehensive maps and tools that connect audiences, communicate project details and help generate stakeholder buy-in.

Using AutoCAD, GIS, 3D, and graphic design software, our Visualization and GIS team create tools to help our clients evaluate development alternatives and communicate finalized plans in a visually effective manner.

Almost all projects require some form of mapping. Our team provides a variety of maps from conventional figure development for reports, presentations, and display purposes to interactive web mapping applications for digital media. We also provide spatial analysis to help clients find efficient answers to complex spatial problems, including topographical and viewshed modelling, constraints analysis, walkshed and service area calculations, proximity queries, and much more.

Using automation, we streamline GIS processes with customized tools to drive complex system development by using code to link applications and automate tasks efficiently. It speeds up workflows, eliminates errors in repetitive tasks, and provides valued cost savings.


Through the use of CAD, GIS or Graphic Design, we create eye catching maps. From illustrative rendered 2D maps to 3D visualization, we generate compelling visuals to support plan submissions and secure approvals.

Using extensive data resources, we source municipal, provincial/state and national data to analyze multiple facets of a project and provide specialized mapping for any scenario.

Our GIS team leverages the power of multi-criteria analysis to support specialized planning initiatives. Through the use of data and custom methodologies we support land suitability assessments, market location evaluations and other custom approaches for various industries and projects.

Using the latest 3D rendering software we bring concepts to life through simple massing models to street cross sections, to highly detailed, life-like renderings and fly throughs. This helps approving authorities and stakeholders immerse themselves into a project vision.

Our designers create visual content to communicate messages in a clear and engaging manner. Whether it’s logo design, project documents, advertisements, engagement materials, websites or clever infographics our team develops creative solutions to meet project needs.

Crafting a comprehensive brand is important to the success of any project or company. We specialize in brand creation with an artful, elevated approach. We merge design sensibility with craft and artistry to develop innovative and elegant solutions for company brands and projects of all sizes.

We incorporate architectural water colour drawings into 3D renderings to create hand drawn axonometric diagrams from basic 3D shapes. These renderings combine the best of both worlds, the precision of 3D massing models, accurate viewpoints, and classic architectural artistry.

Our team develops interactive and searchable web mapping applications that incorporate different tools and widgets that allow users to select different base mapping options.

Using contour or LiDAR data, our GIS analysts create detailed Digital Elevation Models to generate various surfaces for project analysis (slope, aspect, hill shade, hydrological modeling, etc.). These help clients visualize their projects in unique ways and provide the basis for calculating project constraints that feed into developable land scenarios.

Through the use of the latest rendering software, our visualization team creates visually compelling project narratives to help clients and stakeholders understand project visions.


Our GIS team manages and stores data in a number of different spatial and tabular database formats. We have the expertise to transform and share this data efficiently in various formats to suit project needs.

Customized form development plays an increasingly important role on projects. Form design can incorporate a range of question types that support intelligent data collection and evaluation while back end code development allows content to be dynamically adjusted based on the information entered.

Our powerful GIS systems explore the spatial relationships between data and leverages that data to provide answers to spatial questions. Analysis takes many forms, including: simple distance and area queries, complex statistical summaries, walkshed and service area calculations, viewshed analysis, and proximity calculations, among others.

We analyze and summarize data efficiently for interdisciplinary teams and clients in a visually compelling way. Deliverables can include stylized report figures, an online web map, a simple Excel table, or even an automated PDF or Excel summary.

Our GIS team leverages the power of the Python programming language to develop custom tools/workflows that automate and streamline processes.

Data often needs to be passed between different applications. Our GIS team is well versed at using Windows Power Automate to connect these applications and to seamlessly process and transfer data between them.

With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.