Our exceptional team of designers and planners work with clients to reimagine spaces in our rebuildable cities through visionary design and execution.

Supported by industry-leading technicians, we design customized, flexible, and inviting built environments that strive for functionality and visual appeal. We strive to create enduring community visions that respect local history and incorporate modern and innovative design. Inspired by sustainability and emerging technology, we aim to be the best in our field.


Our integrated team are highly experienced in working with existing neighbourhoods or infill redevelopment areas to establish or re-establish walkable neighbourhood character and form. Design guidelines, historic and landscape preservation, and sensitivity to context can ensure a resilient redevelopment which defines neighbourhood character.

Redevelopment and intensification requires an experienced team with understanding of existing policy frameworks, an appreciation for development context, and knowledge of the appropriate engagement tools to apply. Our teams develop strategic approaches to enable a range of redevelopment and intensification projects to be successful.

Great neighbourhoods are created by great streets and public spaces, shaped by active buildings. We work with stakeholders to build visions for great streets and corridors through attention to network, street design, and the character of specifications of streetscape elements.

Our experienced designers and planners have worked on numerous Transit-oriented Development projects. Through thoughtful concept development, stakeholder engagement, strategically crafted land uses and development applications, we navigate approvals processes to award winning results.

Focused on a mixed-use village centre, accommodations and residences are arranged as a walkable neighbourhood to provide convenient connections to a vibrant village centre and other resort amenities. Strong design standards maintain an immersive character and theme throughout our resort concepts.

Often building on project visioning and design, our Design Studio can establish Architectural and Urban Design guidelines to implement a specific character. These may be in addition to, or as an alternative to form-based codes, and can define a detailed style or theme, or can be more generalized and principal based.

Our experienced planning and design teams work with a variety of consultants, including architects, to navigate approval processes with our knowledge of land use bylaws, policies and strong relationships with Approval Authorities.

We work with stakeholders and communities to create places with character and purpose. Integrated with our walkable neighbourhood design and engagement programs, we design public spaces as cohesive outdoor rooms that consider the design and function of the landscape “floor,” and the scale and character of the buildings shaping the space. The conceptual design of public spaces provides a foundation to link Landscape Architects, Engineers, and Architects to a common vision.

Our NCI charrette-certified studio can effectively deliver small design workshops or fully deployed on-site multi-day charrettes. Our workshops are highly interactive and design-focused to generate ideas and collect feedback. Charrettes can effectively plug in various engagement tools, along with the various subconsultants as a project requires.


With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.