Indigenous Communities

At B&A we take a thoughtful, listen-first approach and collaborate on unique solutions for Indigenous communities.

We work with communities to create custom designs that meet the scale and context of local projects and build carefully tailored communications and engagement programs that focus on building connections with Indigenous communities on development projects.

We operate on the values of transparency and responsiveness throughout all engagement efforts and embody this through authentic relationship building, ongoing communication, responsible documentation, and consideration of feedback. We are well-versed in the facilitation of community meetings, ceremony, Traditional Land Use Assessments, and site tours, all of which are conducted in a respectful manner that honours the traditions and viewpoints of Indigenous communities.


Strategic plans are helpful in guiding communities through change. We work together with our clients to develop strategic plans that outline a vision for the future, address change within the community, and raise the standard of living of Indigenous citizens now and into the future.

A successful communications and engagement plan is vetted, endorsed and activated by the entire community. We work with our clients to ensure they have the right tools, process and tactics to deliver meaningful community engagement.

Our team works together with Indigenous communities to collaborate on plans that guide development which addresses local needs and future growth aspirations.

We partner with Indigenous communities and technical specialists to collect, assess, and analyze environmental conditions. A detailed knowledge of existing conditions guides decision making and policy planning.

Consultation is a critical project dialog, recognizing that Indigenous communities have right to a fulsome understanding of project impacts and opportunity. We support project proponents to create thoughtful, organized and documented consultation programs.

Working together with Indigenous communities and partnering with technical specialists, we work to identify the extent of past and present use of land for traditional purposes important to Indigenous people. These uses can include hunting, fishing, trapping, ceremonial pursuits, and the gathering of plants for food and medicines.


With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.