What began as a small team of planners, B&A has grown into a multi-disciplinary firm delivering positive international impact.

More than thirty years ago, B&A set out to reshape communities across Western Canada. Now, with offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, and Vancouver, British Columbia our continuous geographic growth and service diversification underpins our passion for community building and providing best-in-class service. Our planning, design, and engagement focus is supported by expertise in visualization and analytics, sustainable and environmentally-conscious practices, and strategic oversight and communications.


A multi-disciplinary team that is passionate about creating positive change.


Our values foster our purpose to create better communities, places, and spaces.

At B&A, we’re passionate about making a difference in the communities we work in. Our values motivate us to create the best possible project outcomes for our clients. We value (a):

We are proud to provide

Comprehensive services to ensure the best outcome.

Our Planning Studio develops effective strategies to drive forward projects that are supportable, implementable, and award-winning.

Our Design Studio is founded on functional, sustainable, modern urban design that creates memorable and functional places and spaces.

Our Engagement Studio focuses on the design and implementation of accessible and transparent engagement strategies that help broaden project understanding.

We understand the importance of sustainability and the environment as a critical aspect of modern design.

Our team of technical experts uses data, tools, and compelling visuals to strengthen project materials.

We collaborate with clients to develop strategies and communications tools and techniques to connect with audiences.

We offer comprehensive support by analysing growth strategy trends  and how policy impacts our clients and communities.

With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.