Working with communities to understand interests, build relationships and develop solutions.

Our International Association of Public Participation (IAP2)-trained team creates and manages engagement programs that reflect the scale and context of project requirements.

We bring over 30 years of combined experience writing and successfully implementing multi-phased strategic engagement and communications campaigns for clients across North America. Our success is grounded in our ability to listen to our clients’ needs, implement strategic and measurable communications and engagement tactics in communities, and our genuine and trusted approach to listen to and work with various audiences to broaden project understanding.



We develop and implement unique, community-oriented engagement strategies that are accessible, transparent, and appropriate for the scale and context of our projects.

Successful communications tactics reflect their audiences. Our strategies are founded on a deep understanding of the stakeholders we serve through research, local knowledge and a appreciation for community.

The success of an engagement program is rooted in its ability to connect with audiences and broaden project understanding. We work closely with project teams to develop strategic communications materials to support engagement – from storytelling to illustrating complex project details, we do it all.

Our team has the experience needed to identify risks, capitalize on opportunities and provide appropriate project messaging to manage project reputation.

We provide strategic guidance to clients to prepare for, diffuse and address conflict in engagement scenarios. Through years of training and practice, we are confident in our ability to connect directly with audiences and work through conflict compassionately and effectively.

Contentious projects often attract media attention. Our team has the skill set to liaise with journalists, develop effective key messaging and prepare clients to participate in media interviews.

We design all sizes of events to produce meaningful and productive dialog. From meetings to workshops to town halls, we facilitate conversations with diverse audiences.

B&A fosters digital engagement to enhance stakeholder conversations through clear information, creative presentation and thoughtful layout.

We merge strategy and implementable tactics to create thoughful responses that work at critical project milestones.

We’re well versed in preparing enticing social content and compelling visuals that excite audiences and generate interest.

Reporting back to stakeholders meaningfully goes beyond a summary. Our team has the experience to translate feedback into project outcomes and thoughtful responses.

Our team is trained to represent the brand and values of the projects, clients and industries we serve.


Authentic and collaborative processes are at the core of our practice.

Our team customizes and designs each individual engagement strategy to reflect the context and scale of a project and the requirements of clients, approval authorities, and stakeholders. Each strategy is founded on principles of accessibility, transparency, simple language, and reporting back. We believe that a respectful and transparent process best enables people to support what they help create.

Strategic engagement leadership from our IAP2-trained specialists.

Our team is lead by three senior engagement specialists with more than 30 years of combined experience working in and with communities throughout North America.

Martha McClary

Senior Communications and Engagement Specialist, Strategic Lead

Martha holds a decade of hands-on experience working with stakeholders across Alberta including rural municipalities, landowners, and NGO’s. One project of note includes the successful development and implementation of research-based engagement programs with over 30 municipalities across Saskatchewan and Alberta. She has a strong reputation as a relationship builder and communicator with demonstrated expertise navigating complex stakeholder issues. Martha maintains a diverse tool kit of engagement tactics including facilitation, workshops, open houses and small format events focused on collaboration and fostering relationships.

Bridget Naud

Senior Communications and Engagement Specialist
BComm, IAP2

Bridget brings more than ten years of communications and engagement experience to the team. Starting her career in Journalism, Bridget is a practiced writer and communicator. She is skilled at building strategic plans that tackle complex engagement scenarios and takes pride in her ability to listen to and respond to various points of view. She is well versed in preparing clients for high-conflict situations and guiding stakeholders through difficult conversations. Bridget has planned and coordinated countless engagement events throughout Canada, including a virtual two-week virtual charrette process for The City of Calgary and University of Calgary’s Foothills + McMahon Concept Plan project.

Tamille Beynon

Senior Communications and Engagement Specialist
BComm, IAP2

Tamille is a forward-thinking and enthusiastic communicator, passionate about building and delivering communications and engagement strategies that seek to understand stakeholder perspectives and meet client objectives. With nearly ten years of experience, Tamille has worked on a range of diverse, multi-phased projects. She has extensive experience writing, designing and distributing various communications and promotional materials including website copy, brochures, postcards, social media content, stakeholder updates, posters and information notices. She has coordinated over 50 public engagement events including stakeholder meetings, open houses, information sessions, workshops and pop-up events, including a series of City-Wide Bikeways projects, including the City Centre Cycle Track Network for The City of Calgary.


We are proud to provide

Comprehensive services to ensure the best outcome.

Our Planning Studio develops effective strategies to drive forward projects that are supportable, implementable, and award-winning.

Our Design Studio is founded on functional, sustainable, modern urban design that creates memorable and functional places and spaces.

Our Engagement Studio focuses on the design and implementation of accessible and transparent engagement strategies that help broaden project understanding.

We understand the importance of sustainability and the environment as a critical aspect of modern design.

Our team of technical experts uses data, tools, and compelling visuals to strengthen project materials.

We collaborate with clients to develop strategies and communications tools and techniques to connect with audiences.

We offer comprehensive support by analysing growth strategy trends  and how policy impacts our clients and communities.