Foothills + McMahon

Location Calgary, AB
Type Concept Plan
Client City of Calgary

B&A led a team of industry experts to create a visionary Concept Plan for the Foothills + McMahon lands. 

B&A served as the lead consultant to complete a comprehensive concept plan for the Foothills Athletic Parks McMahon stadium lands on behalf of the City of Calgary and the University of Calgary. The City-owned Foothills Athletic Park (46.78 acres) and university-owned McMahon Stadium land (41.48 acres) are located in northwest Calgary, west of Crowchild Trail and north of 24 Ave NW. It is the home of recreational and competitive sports and is used by the entire city. The Concept Plan provides a roadmap for the future development of the site that reflects the needs of its users and the community.

The concept plan contemplates a mix of recreational uses, entertainment venues, housing accommodations, public space, and post-secondary educational facilities, leveraging transit proximity to make this a unique city-building opportunity for Calgary. The vision was achieved through a design process supported by several technical studies along with the public and a three-phased public and stakeholder engagement program spearheaded by B&A. The mission of the project was to create a vision and plan that integrates into and enhances surrounding areas, meets Calgarians’ recreation goals, and explores the significant economic development opportunity of this site.

The concept plan was unanimously approved by Committee and Council in September 2021. B&A has been awarded an additional contract to coordinate, and Social Return on Investment Analysis to further support the redevelopment planning effort.

Images courtesy of Designcorp Ltd.