Commercial & Mixed-Use Centres

Our team specializes in creating attractive commercial and mixed-use centres, understanding that these vibrant hubs not only drive local economies but also foster community cohesion and urban vitality.

Catalyzing urban transformation, we are dedicated to shaping commercial and mixed-use centers that serve as dynamic hubs within city landscapes. These projects, while vital to local economies, also play a significant role in fostering community interactions. Balancing form with function, we prioritize viability and attractiveness, ensuring that our designs not only meet immediate commercial needs but also remain relevant and inviting for years to come. Through a blend of practical insights and design expertise, we work to make each project a seamless, integral part of its urban surroundings


With our pulse on local political environments, regional and sub regional planning policy coupled with our ability to efficiently evaluate land, we provide advisory services to the development industry to advance commercial and mixed use centre development.

An early understanding of complex conditions related to commercial and mixed use centre development is an important step when deciding whether, or how, to start a project. Our team takes a multidisciplinary approach to provide a full assessment of environmental, economic and regulatory requirements that may be encountered on a project.

Whether you are considering purchasing a property or have an existing property you are considering building on, our team can help ensure you have the right information about your property to make informed financial decisions.

Our interdisciplinary team has proven experience in the development of customized land strategies to support asset management objectives. Whether you hold existing land or are looking to acquire, our team can leverage local planning knowledge and comprehensive land analysis analytics to support asset disposition or acquisition objectives.

Working collaboratively with clients and project partners, we support project visioning and preliminary design and evaluation as part of project conceptualization. We assist our business and logistics park clients with a comprehensive evaluation of all external factors to arrive at a preferred land use and development strategy.

A Master Site Development Plan (MSDP) is a detailed planning instrument that establishes a vision and framework to guide the development of an area of land over a period of time. We have developed compelling MSDP’s that outline project location and context, baseline and future conditions, proposed development objectives, transportation, servicing and phasing strategies. Such submissions have helped secure municipal land use, subdivision and development approvals for major commercial and mixed-use centres throughout Canada.

Implementing commercial and mixed-use centre developments often requires creating or amending existing statutory and non-statutory plans. Our team of policy planning experts ensure clear alignment between development objectives and municipal policy to advance either new or amended non-statutory plans to bring a project to life.

Using our extensive land use planning and development experience, supported by comprehensive planning submissions, we help the commercial sector navigate local government regulations and secure approvals to bring complex projects to fruition.

Our team represents clients and project interests in front of municipal councils, planning commissions and subdivision and development appeal boards. Beyond local approval and appeal authorities we have experience providing evidence and expert witness testimony at the Government of Alberta Land and Property Rights Tribunal, Alberta Utilities Commission, and the Court of Queens Bench.

Our communications and graphic design teams produces high impact marketing materials to support projects to entice investors and showcase opportunities.


With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.