Energy & Resources

From facilities to pipelines to renewables, we support our energy clients through various stages of project conceptualization to design and implementation.

Our customized services for the energy sector span asset assessments, statutory and non-statutory plan development, land use planning applications, approvals coordination, and comprehensive communications and engagement strategies.

B&A Energy employs a suite of customized planning approaches and solutions to meet the unique needs of energy sector clients. Our leadership in the energy sector is grounded in our knowledge of municipal planning and land development processes across North America. Our team of accredited professionals in project management, land use and development planning, communications, and geographic information systems provides a range of specialized services for energy providers ranging from planning and development approvals to customized land use planning and development monitoring programs.


Whether greenfield or brownfield, large or small scale, our team of planning, design and engagement experts can lead master planning and design initiatives that help our energy clients translate their vision into reality. From innovative design concepts to authentic engagement programs, we have experience developing compelling planning submissions that achieve required approvals and permitting.

The scope of approvals required to support innovative energy projects is increasingly complex, often spanning different jurisdictions with varying application, consultation and engagement requirements. We work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams to develop integrated and efficient work programs that reduce redundancies and enhance approval and permitting efficiency and coordination.

Land use and development in proximity to pipelines and facilities is constantly changing, creating implications for pipeline crossings, land ownership, damage prevention and class location regulatory obligations. Our team capitalizes on our relationships with local governments and understanding of the planning process to keep operators informed about changes in proximity to their infrastructure, and keep landowners informed about best development practices in proximity to that infrastructure.

Taking a proactive approach, our team has developed a data driven methodology that aids operators in identifying locations across pipeline networks that may experience future changes in class location designation. This network-wide approach provides a high-level summary that can be used for system upgrade and capital planning prioritization, and to identify areas that warrant additional class location assessment area evaluations.

Through a review of population and growth statistics, planning policy, development patterns, and market conditions, our team helps pipeline operators take a forward thinking approach to assessing existing and probable future class location designations. This approach provides valuable information for proactive operational and capital planning in advance of detailed planning and development occurring.

Our team’s seamless integration of mapping, data collection, data management and analytics supports customized programs and approvals processes for the energy sector, and is a beneficial resource for operational decision making and capital planning.


With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.