Aggregates & Minerals

We guide our aggregate clients through land use approvals, permit applications and local advocacy projects.

We have in-depth experience in managing multi-jurisdictional regulatory approvals while working with operating and reclamation experts from a wide variety of disciplines. We bring a local and strategic lens to the table and have extensive experience working with major aggregate suppliers and government departments to obtain municipal and provincial approvals for aggregate projects throughout western Canada. Our team also offers customized project support that meets the needs of complex projects including document control and management, liaising with government departments, and special research and report development.


We have proven experience working with some of Canada’s major aggregate producers to review and assess local planning initiatives and studies with potential implications on the sustainable and economic extraction and supply of aggregates to urban markets. Our team has assisted producers with the coordinated review and assessment of specialized aggregate resource plans, levy bylaws, land use bylaws and transportation planning matters to support a coordinated and respectful voice of industry throughout these initiatives.

We have extensive experience conceptualizing and developing Master Site Development Plans (MSDP) to facilitate municipal approvals for aggregate operations. An MSDP is a detailed planning instrument that establishes a project vision and comprehensive framework to guide the development of an area of land over a period of time. MSDP’s developed by B&A have aided operators in securing municipal land use, subdivision and development approvals for major aggregate operations.

The scope of approvals required to support aggregate operations spans both municipal and provincial jurisdictions. We work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams to develop integrated, efficient work programs and concurrent applications that reduce redundancies and enhance approval and permitting efficiency and coordination.

All planning projects, including those in the aggregate sector, impact and are impacted by local communities. Our team recognizes that transparent and authentic communications and engagement is critical to guide project development and earn community respect and local government approvals. Our team of IAP2-trained practitioners develops and implements customized communications and engagement initiatives suited to the location, scale and history of each unique project.

We have worked with operators, government agencies, Indigenous communities and other stakeholders to support the negotiation and execution of both Community Benefit and Good Neighbour Agreements. Community benefit agreements establish a common understanding between an operator and stakeholders on matters such as hiring, training or procurement to enhance the social, cultural, environmental and economic opportunities for the community. Good Neighbour Agreements are instruments negotiated between the operator and surrounding landowners to establish mutual understandings and protocols of operation, monitoring and reporting throughout the life of the aggregate project.


With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.