The Omni Conceptual Scheme

Location Calgary, AB
Type Master Planning & Urban Design
Client Genesis

 Conceptual Scheme 

 The OMNI Conceptual Scheme provides a vision and framework for the future development of approximately 197 acres of land on the border of the City of Calgary and Rocky View County. Given its proximity to Stoney Trail NE., County Hills Boulevard, Airport Trail NE, the Calgary International Airport, the CN Logistics Park and regional transportation and utility servicing corridors, the OMNI area is ideally situated to accommodate business and commercial development. 

The OMNI will provide approximately 986,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, 178,000 square feet of retail/office space, and 540,000 square feet of hotels, seniors living, and supporting commercial space. The development will incorporate a variety of amenities that are walkable for visitors and adjacent residents. Pedestrian connections, integration with future public transportation opportunities, and cycling facilities will provide access to parks, employment, retail, and leisure destinations. Conservation of natural environments, such as the wetlands on site, will enable adjacent residents, works, and visitors to the area to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle while protecting biodiversity within Rocky View County. 

The Conceptual Scheme refines and implements the strategic objectives and policies of higher-level plans including the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, the County Plan, and the OMNI Area Structure Plan. It has also been influenced by Rocky View County’s planning and sustainability objectives. The Conceptual Scheme has been informed by engineering, transportation, and ecological studies that have analyzed and evaluated attributes and constraints in the area. The Conceptual Scheme has evolved through consultation with landowners, County administration, the Province, and other stakeholders. Detailed policies and guidelines have been developed to direct the land use, subdivision, and development permit applications that will collectively shape the development of this commercial area.